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Simple. Budgeting and tracking your debt has never been easier. No more fumbling around with printables or using multiple apps to track your finances. Make taking control of your finances easy and fun!

Jina at My Financial Hill


I'm Jina 

I created this site to help others start and reach their success in paying off debt in a way that's manageable in their own lives. 

Getting out of debt doesn't have to mean sacrifices made, living off rice and beans, never going on vacations, or enjoying life. 

It doesn't have to be that way.

We were able to knock out $100,479 worth of debt in just 24 months while living our normal lives, still traveling, and without major sacrifices.

I want to show others that it's possible, all it takes is creating a budget that works, paying off debt the right way, and making the right changes in life to save more money without sacrificing. 

Our financial app will help you get started with budgeting, tracking your debt, and saving for the future. This all can help you get one step closer to financial freedom.

One step is all it takes..

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