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Tips To Save Money on Your Phone Bill

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Save hundreds on your phone bill in a year! Do you want more money in your pockets each month? It can be done easily just by switching phone carriers. For the longest time, my husband and I were overpaying significantly on our cellphone and land lines. We discovered a few tips to save money on our phone bills which help us save hundreds to over a thousand a year. 

Tips to Save Money on Your Cellphone Bill

Tips to save money on your phone bill - My Financial Hill

Almost everyone has a cellphone this day and age. If you get hooked with the wrong carrier, you could be overpaying by hundreds! We used to have cellphone service with one of the big named carriers (Verizon Wireless). We paid around $147 each and every month for only two lines, that’s $1,764 a year. Now we pay only $80 a month for two lines with unlimited internet, talk and text. Switching saved us $804 a year!

Have you ever heard of Cricket Wireless, Metro by T-Mobile, or Boost Mobile?

These are reputable and reliable cellphone companies that’ll give you the best cellphone pricing plans around.

Cricket Wireless

  • Offers free smartphones
  • Pricing under unlimited high-speed data plan
    • 1 Line – $55 mo.
    • 2 Lines – $80 mo.
    • 3 Lines – $90 mo.
    • 4 Lines – $100 mo.
    • 5 Lines – $125 mo.
  • No contract and no hidden costs
  • You pay a flat fee

Overall, Cricket Wireless is awesome. We’ve been using it for a few years now. The service is great and we pay $80 flat for two lines which includes unlimited data, talk, and text. Plus my husband got a free smartphone when he signed up with them.

Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile used to be MetroPCS. The cell phone carrier is very similar to Cricket Wireless.

  • Offers very low cost cell phones
  • Pricing under unlimited high-speed data plan
    • 1 Line – $50 mo.
    • 2 Lines – $80 mo.
    • 3 Lines – $110 mo.
    • 4 Lines – $140 mo.
    • 5 Lines – $170 mo.
  • No contract and no hidden costs
  • You pay a flat fee

Boost Mobile

  • Offers very low cost cell phones
  • Pricing under unlimited high-speed data plan
    • 1 Line – $50 mo.
    • 2 Lines – $80 mo.
    • 3 Lines – $110 mo.
    • 4 Lines – $140 mo.
    • 5 Lines – $170 mo.
  • No contract and no hidden costs
  • You pay a flat fee

My husband and I have tried Cricket Wireless and Metro by T-Mobile. I can tell you that once I switched from Verizon Wireless, my service got better. With Verizon, my GPS on my phone would always act up and the signal would drop but with Cricket Wireless, it’s never given me any issues.

My husband has gotten free smartphones with Cricket and Metro, although now Metro doesn’t seem to be offering any free ones. However, they have phones for as low as $29.

We haven’t tried Boost Mobile but my in-laws recently switched and says their service has never been better.

Overall, there’s no regrets with using Cricket and Metro. Both phone carriers are awesome. Plus, we saved $67 each and every month from switching out of Verizon Wireless.

There really is no need to be paying a lot for your cellphone bill. There’s a lot of low cost cellphone carriers out there that can provide you with quality service at a fraction of the price.

If you have a little bit of free time, check out Cricket, Metro, or Boost. If you have one of those stores near you, drop in to see if they can help you out. It can save you hundreds of dollars, just how it’s saved us over $800 a year!

Tips to Save Money on a Land Line

Tips to save money on your phone bill - My Financial Hill

With so many people using cellphones these days, land line phones are not used as much anymore.

If you have land line service, it can cost you anywhere from $20 to $60 a month which is $240-$720 a year.

Cutting the phone line can save you hundreds of dollars.

But, what if you really need a land line phone?

Well, you can use something called Ooma and get free phone service and only pay for minimal taxes and fees.

Ooma Service

Ooma is a phone service where there’s no monthly contract or commitment required. Plus, the basic plan is free. The only thing you’ll pay are the taxes and fees (which has to be paid for all telecommunication companies).

Ooma Telo

To use Ooma, you’ll need to get the device which is called Ooma Telo. It works by VOIP (voice over IP), which means it connects to your internet.

Think of Ooma Telo as the middle man between your internet connection and phone. All you need to do is connect your internet line directly into Ooma Telo along with your telephone wire. Ooma Telo also needs to be plugged in to a power outlet just like any other device out there.

If your power or internet constantly goes out, Ooma Telo may not be right for you.

Since using Ooma Telo, we haven’t had any issues at all.

With our Ooma device all we pay is $5 and change every month for the taxes and fees, that’s it.

Check to see how much you would be paying for taxes here on Ooma’s website. 

Savings With Ooma

Having a land line can cost anywhere from $20-$60 per month. Let’s compare how much you could save with Ooma over a traditional land line phone.

Land Line Phone$20-$60 Per Month$240-$720 First Year$480-$1,440 Second Year
Ooma Telo &
Ooma Genie
$49 Device + $5 Per Month For Taxes and Fees$109 First Year$169 Second Year

The savings using Ooma over the land line is ridiculous!

The first year with Ooma, you can save $131 to $611. The second year with Ooma can save you $311 to $1,331.


Overall, you can save thousands of dollars just by switching cell phone carriers or cutting your land line phone service and getting Ooma instead.

Making these small changes can definitely keep more money in your pockets, who doesn’t want more money!

I hope these tips can save you a lot of money as it did for us.

If you want to find more money saving tips check out 95 More Ways to Save Money.

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