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60 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $50

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Mother’s Day is coming up and what better way to show your love and appreciation for the person who’s raised you! Put a smile on your mom’s face by getting her something special. If you’re stuck and have no idea what to get her, don’t worry. You’ll see below 60 of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas to get her all for under $50. There are lots of unique gifts you can get her from all different categories ranging from jewelry, things for the home, spa related gifts, beauty products, things for the garden, and books. You’ll be sure to find her something she’ll adore for Mother’s Day.


Get your mom some special jewelry she can wear that will remind her how loved she is. She will be sure to love these special jewelry pieces. They vary from essential oil bracelets, specially engraved or customized necklace to symbolize your family, and more!


If your mom loves decor, get her something around the home that will remind her how special she is. 


Pamper your mom with spa gifts so she can indulge in a little Rest & Relaxation at home. Have her wind down with some sweet smelling candles, beautiful flower soap, colorful and fun bath bombs, hand treatment, and more.



Treat your mom to some beauty products that will help keep her looking beautiful, healthy, and flawless. Keep her looking great with beautiful eye shadow, jade face roller, face masks and gold under eye treatment, facial exfoliator, hair curling iron, and more.


Surprise your mom with outdoor gardening decorations to put a smile on her face. Does she have succulents? Use these cute and decorative pots for propagating succulents.


Get your mom some books if she loves to read or color to remind her you’re thinking of her on Mother’s Day

Show your mom some love on Mother’s Day, give her a hug, thank her for all those years she raised you to become the wonderful person that you are. Find her something special from this list of 60 best Mother’s Day gift ideas under $50 to make her smile on her day. You can still make your mom feel special without spending loads of cash. Would you like to find out some more money saving tips? Check out the post below.

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