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21 Creative Bluey Birthday Cake Ideas to Wow Your Guests

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If you're planning a Bluey-themed party, I've got some awesome cake ideas for you.

I found a bunch of great Bluey birthday cake designs, and I'm excited to share them.

Whether you're a beginner or a cake pro, there's something here for everyone.

Let's check out these fun Bluey cake ideas together!

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1. Adorable Bluey Birthday Cake

Check out this adorable birthday cake I found! It's perfect for a three-year-old's party and has Bluey and her friends all over it.

The light blue frosting is so cute, and I love the colorful sprinkles and rainbow on top.

It's just the right mix of fun and whimsy for a Bluey-themed celebration!

2. Gorgeous Bluey Cake for Kids

Look at this fantastic Bluey cake! It's got a pink base with cute fondant figures of Bluey and her friends, plus colorful rainbows and flowers all over. 

It's such a fun and vibrant cake for any kid's birthday party!

3. Fun Bluey Cake for a 5th Birthday

Check out this awesome Bluey cake!

It's perfect for a five-year-old's birthday with its light blue frosting, colorful sprinkles, and adorable fondant figures of Bluey and her family.

The big number 5 and rainbow on top make it extra special!

4. Sweet Bluey Cake for a First Birthday

Isn't this Bluey cake adorable for a first birthday?

It's a two-tiered cake with pastel colors, cute Bluey characters, and a bunch of colorful fondant balls and flowers.

The "Johanna Turns One" topper makes it extra special for a little one's big day!

5. Adorable Bluey Cake for a 2nd Birthday

This Bluey cake is perfect for Oakland's second birthday!

The cake features Bluey and her friends in party hats, with a pastel rainbow and colorful fondant balls.

The light blue frosting and big number 2 on top make it an eye-catching centerpiece for any toddler's celebration.

6. Charming Bluey Cake 

You've got to see this Bluey cake for Manuel!

The design is super cute, with Bluey and her friend reaching for a red balloon on a light blue background.

The colorful dots and fondant balls add a playful touch, making it perfect for any kid's birthday party.

7. Delightful Bluey Cake for Willow

This Bluey cake for Willow is absolutely stunning!

It has a beautiful pink and purple gradient with Bluey characters, a colorful rainbow, and pretty butterflies.

The name "Willow" in gold and the pastel fondant balls add such a lovely touch, making it perfect for a little girl's special day.

8. Lovely Bluey Cake for Olivia's 5th Birthday

Olivia's Bluey cake is simply adorable!

With pastel colors, a double layer design, and cute Bluey characters, it's a real showstopper.

The gold "5" and her name on the cake, along with the rainbow and colorful fondant balls, make it perfect for celebrating her big day.

9. Beautiful Bluey Cake with a Pastel Rainbow

Look at this beautiful Bluey cake!

It features a pastel rainbow on top and adorable Bluey characters on the side.

The pastel colors and cute flower decorations make it perfect for a sweet and charming birthday celebration.

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10. Cute Bluey Cake for a First Birthday

This Bluey cake is perfect for a first birthday!

The pink and blue layers with adorable Bluey characters and sprinkles make it so charming.

The big number one on top and the swirly frosting add a sweet touch, ideal for a little one's special day.

11. Whimsical Bluey Cake with Balloons

Check out this whimsical Bluey cake!

It features pastel layers with cute Bluey and Bingo characters, decorated with colorful fondant balls and buttercream flowers.

The balloons on top add a fun and festive touch, making it perfect for any child's birthday party.

12. Magical Bluey Cake for a 2nd Birthday

Isn't this Bluey cake just magical?

The pastel pink frosting, with cute Bluey and Bingo figures on top, looks so delightful.

The rainbows and unicorns decorating the sides add an enchanting touch, making it perfect for a two-year-old's special day.

13. Colorful Bluey Cake for Arya's 3rd Birthday

This Bluey cake for Arya's third birthday is so colorful and fun!

With a rainbow on top, pastel balloons, and Bluey characters in party hats, it looks like a scene straight out of a storybook.

The grassy green base and flower decorations make it even more special for her big day.

14. Enchanting Bluey Cake for Flavia's Birthday

Flavia's Bluey cake is absolutely enchanting!

It features a multi-tiered design with pastel colors, a large rainbow, and adorable Bluey characters.

The top is decorated with a whimsical hot air balloon, while the bottom tier has delicate pink flowers.

It's the perfect cake for a magical birthday celebration!

15. Festive Bluey Cake with Bunting

This Bluey cake is perfect for a festive birthday!

It features a multi-tiered design with light blue frosting, decorated with colorful bunting, streamers, and fondant gifts.

Topped with a Bluey figure holding a balloon, it’s a delightful and celebratory centerpiece for any birthday party.

16. Cheerful Bluey Cake for Lennon's Birthday

Lennon's Bluey birthday cake is absolutely cheerful!

The two-tiered cake features a pastel pink base, decorated with colorful fondant balls, rainbows, and Bluey characters.

The name "Lennon" and the adorable design elements make it a perfect centerpiece for a joyful birthday celebration.

17. Candyland Bluey Cake 

This Candyland-themed Bluey cake for Princess and Fanuel is simply delightful!

With two tiers covered in colorful candy decorations, ice cream cones, donuts, and lollipops, it looks like a sweet dream come true.

The playful Bluey characters and the vibrant rainbow make it a perfect cake for a fun and festive birthday celebration.

18. Vibrant Bluey Cake for a 3rd Birthday

This vibrant Bluey cake is perfect for Livy's third birthday!

The colorful two-tiered design features Bluey and Bingo characters, a cheerful rainbow topper, and plenty of sprinkles.

The clouds and bright decorations make it a joyful centerpiece for a fun-filled birthday celebration.

19. Joyful Bluey Cake

Kristina's Bluey cake is bursting with joy!

It features a pastel pink base, adorned with colorful fondant balls and rainbows.

The playful Bluey and Bingo characters, along with the vibrant decorations, make it a delightful centerpiece for a lively birthday celebration.

20. Charming Bluey Cake

Pippa's Bluey cake is so charming!

The pastel blue and pink design, adorned with butterflies and a rainbow, creates a whimsical look.

Featuring Bluey and Bingo, it's a delightful and sweet centerpiece for celebrating Pippa's fourth birthday.

21. Delightful Bluey Cake 

Miranda's first birthday cake is absolutely delightful!

Decorated with pink and blue frosting, balloons, and adorable Bluey characters, it looks so festive.

The rosettes and the gold number one topper add an extra special touch, making it perfect for celebrating this milestone.


To sum it up, I found these 21 Bluey birthday cake ideas that are perfect for making any kid's birthday super special.

They have everything from pastel colors and rainbows to all the cute Bluey characters.

Whether you want something simple or a more elaborate multi-tiered cake, these ideas will definitely bring joy and create awesome memories.

You should totally check out these 21 Bluey birthday cake ideas for your next celebration!

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