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How to Make Money as a Teenager Online

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Are you wondering if making money online as a teenager is even possible?

Also, finding online jobs for teens may not be easy and you don't know where to look. Look no further! I'm going to share 10 of the best online jobs to earn some money and see your bank account grow.

I know how frustrating it must be when you're just a teen and there are so many things you want to buy for yourself or others.

Maybe you just want to make some extra bucks for clothes, games, makeup, or even help out the family.

There are legit ways you can totally earn money online to get some real extra cash in your hands.

We partner with some awesome companies that offer products which can help our readers. If you make a purchase through one of our partner links, we may receive a commission at absolutely no additional cost to you! Please see my Policy & Disclosure page for full details. 

1. Play Games to Make Money as a Teenager Online

Games lettering against corkboard- How to Make Money as a Teenager Online -  My Financial Hill

One of the easiest and fun ways to make money online for teens is playing games on your phone or PC.

Did you even know that it was possible to make money online or on your phone playing games?

Neither have I until I started making some money playing popular games.

By far, playing games online for cash has to be one of the best online jobs out there.

Swagbucks 13+

Swagbucks Screenshot- How to Make Money as a Teenager Online-- My Financial Hill

Swagbucks is a survey site where you can make money online in all kinds of ways from taking surveys, playing games, test mobile apps, answer questions, watching videos, trying apps, and so much more.

You could even make $100 for trying out one of the games listed on the site.

I myself have earned over $211 from playing games and taking a few surveys here and there.

If you're into playing games then you'll want to head on over to Swagbucks to actually start getting paid for it.

Swagbucks is on top to be one of the best online jobs for teens where you get such a variety of ways to make money.

Swagbucks even has a mobile app which makes earning even easier straight from your phone.

2. Make Money by Taking Online Surveys

Another simple way to make money as a teenager online is with survey sites and probably one of the easiest jobs where all you do is answer questions and get paid for it.

When you complete short surveys, it helps companies out there get a better idea of how their services or products are working for the customers. That's why they need to hear what we have to say.

Because your opinion is important, they'll often offer you compensation for your time.

MyPoints 13+

MyPoints Screenshot - How to make money online as a teenager - My Financial Hill

MyPoints is a survey site that offers a ton of ways to earn points which can be redeemed for extra cash with your PayPal account or gift cards.

One of the ways to earn more money online with MyPoints is with their surveys. Besides only surveys, there's other options to earn points by shopping online, watching videos, playing games, and more.

Each survey you complete will give you points and once you have enough points, you can cash it out.

MyPoints is also offering a $10 sign up bonus when you create a free account and make a purchase from one of the stores listed on the site.

Survey Junkie 13+

Survey Junkie is one of the popular survey sites out there and is only focused on surveys.

Each survey you complete, you'll receive points which you can redeem for money with a PayPal account or gift cards.

You can expect to earn anywhere from $0.20 to $3.50 to complete surveys but there are also times you could be selected to join a focus group where you'll make $50-$100 an hour.

InboxDollars 18+

Inbox Dollars Screenshot - How to make 10 dollars fast with PayPal - My Financial Hill

InboxDollars is a survey site that offers all sorts of ways for you to make money from surveys, playing games, watching videos, and more.

Since the age requirement is 18, you'll need parental consent before trying this site.

Instead of earning points like other sites, you'll see the exact amount you can earn with each task performed with this site. 

Taking surveys with InboxDollars is super easy. You can earn anywhere from $0.25-$4 per survey.

InboxDollars will even give you a free $5 sign up bonus which is a super fast way to get the ball rolling to make some money.

TeenEyes 13-18

TeenEyes is a online surveys site that only wants teen users aged 13-18 to get their opinion on products and services.

You can earn money with these paid surveys which can cover subjects like TV shows, movies, food, entertainment, or other teen subjects.

TeenEyes works off a points system like many others and once you accumulate enough, you can cash out with your PayPal account, gift cards, or a chance to enter in their $25,000 prize sweepstakes.

3. Watch Ads to Make Money as a Teenager Online

Girl watching laptop- How to make money online as a teenager - My Financial Hill (1)

There are sites out there that will actually pay you for watching online advertisements. It's probably one of the easiest online jobs for teens out there to make passive income.

Sure, it may not be the most fun way to make a bit of extra cash but it's still something and probably the easiest way to make extra money.

Don't expect to earn a ton of money from watching ads. You'll probably make a few cents to a few bucks for each ad but it's still something for seconds to minutes of your time.

AdWallet 13+

AdWallet allows you to get paid extra money to watch ads and short videos which are handpicked for you.

You can anywhere from $0.50 and up to $3.00 per video.

When you reach $10, you can cash it out.

AdWallet has paid its users over $1,104,565 so far and counting.

PrizeRebel 16+

PrizeRebel is a website where you can get paid extra money fast, usually within 24 hours.

You can get paid to watch videos, make internet searches, take surveys, or refer others.

If you stay active with this site, you can work your way up towards their loyalty system which gets you even more points on the same tasks the more you level up.

Swagbucks 13+

Swagbucks- How to make money online as a teenager -- My Financial Hill

Swagbucks has a section called "Watch and Earn" where you can check out ads and receive points for it.

It's a quick and easy way to earn points which you can later redeem for cash with your PayPal account, Visa Prepaid Card, gift cards, or travel miles.

MyPoints 13+

MyPoints has a section where you can watch ads also. Head over to the "Watch" tab to take your pick from a variety of different ads.

You can watch ads based on sports, news, entertainment, and more.

The process to collect your points is incredibly easy for barely doing anything at all.

InboxDollars 18+

InboxDollars - How to make money online as a teenager - My Financial Hill

With InboxDollars, you'll also get a variety of different ads you can watch.

You can find the ads easily by going to the "Videos" tab on the menu.

The nice part about Inbox Dollars is that you'll see right away how much you'll earn for watching the ad. You'll most likely earn $.01-$.02 for each ad.

It's not much money you'll earn but if you've got nothing to do, why not spend your time and make a bit of money too.

Overall, these cents will add up to dollars!

If you really like the idea of earning a bit of money while watching videos and ads then check out my other article where I go over 17 ways you can do that:

17 Ways to Watch Ads for Money

4. Write Reviews to Make Money as a Teenager Online

Review with stars - How to make money online as a teenager - - My Financial Hill

Did you ever leave a review for a business, products, or services before?

Well, there are sites out there that actually pay you money for you to leave reviews.

The awesome part about these review sites is the minimum age to join is only 13 years old.

So, if you think your opinion doesn't matter, think otherwise. Get paid for your opinions!

Writing reviews is one of the easiest online jobs for teens.

Slicethepie 13+

With Slicethepie, you'll earn cash for every review you leave.

You can leave feedback on music, clothes, and a lot more which can help artists and record labels cater better to their audience.

If your reviews are top notch, you'll actually earn more money.

Members have already earned more than $6 million with Slicethepie so far, want to be one of them?

Musicxray 13+

Do you love listening to music?

You could actually get paid for listening to music and reviewing it with Musicxray.

The minimum age to join is 13 and you'll get paid about 10 cents for listening to a song and writing a review for it.

Also, if you're an aspiring musician yourself, you can upload your own music to be scouted by producers but you'll have to pay a fee which ranges from $15-$20.

5. Start a Blog 13+

Be a Blogger - How to make money online as a teenager -- My Financial Hill

If you like expressing yourself through writing then starting your own blog may be your answer.

Yes, even teens can start their own blog and some turn it into an online business.

You don't have to be a professional writer with a college degree in English and writing.

The internet can be a beautiful place where you can share your views about the world and connect with other like-minded people like yourself.

Also, get this, starting your own blog can actually make you loads of passive income and turn you into a teen entrepreneur.

But, if you just want to let your thoughts out, a blog is good for that also.

Having a blog can turn out to be an awesome online job where you set your own hours and work when you want.

If you want to start your own blog, check out my article that shows you how to start one:

How to Start a Free WordPress Blog with Bluehost

And here are some examples of kid / teen bloggers:

Alex Know It All - Started a blog at age 7 and talks about her life traveling the world with her family

Marabird - Started blogging at age 8 and is now 15, she talks about food, American history, and traveling.

Naturalist Dara - 16 year old blogger who was diagnosed with Asperger's but has a passion for wildlife and conservation. His blog won many awards and recognitions.

6. Online Jobs with Fiverr 13+

Young woman girl on laptop - How to make money online as a teenager -- My Financial Hill

Fiverr is an online jobs site where people from all around the world can promote their skills or services and make money.

It's an awesome way to make money as a teenager online. 

You can turn Fiverr into a part time job to earn some extra bucks. It can turn into a great online job once you find the skill you can sell.

There are literally TONS of options you can choose from to list your services. Fiverr is a great place to find jobs for teens and be making money online.

Here are some categories:

  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Freelance Writing
  • Online Marketing
  • Programming & Tech
  • Data Entry
  • Business
  • Be a virtual assistant
  • Lifestyle - Astrology, Modeling, Arts & Crafts and more

Honestly, don't get discouraged by your age and comparing yourself to the adults who are on the site as well.

Hone in on your skill and what you can offer to people. Book your first client and keep building from there.

You could even be a virtual assistant where you can help with people's social media accounts, check e-mails, data entry, and more.

Here is a little success story from a 15 year old who made $3,000 in a year writing with Fiverr and gets to travel all over the world:

15 Year Old Works on Fiverr and Travels the World

7. Scan Receipts

As a teen, you may not be doing a whole lot of shopping but I'm sure you've come across receipts.

Next time you get one, hold on to them because they can make you some money.

Most of these apps have an age requirement of 18 so make sure to get parental consent first.

Ibotta 18+

Ibotta Mobile Screenshot - How to make money online as a teenager- My Financial Hill

Ibotta is a cash back app for groceries, online shopping, and in-store shopping.

Most people use Ibotta when shopping for groceries so if you help your parents out, try this app to get you back some money.

Basically, you pick items to buy in the app, purchase items, get your receipt, then upload it to the app, and get some money back.

They even give you money back when you shop online with many of their participating retailers.

For instance, if you buy something from through Ibotta, you'll get some money back into your Ibotta account which you can later withdraw for PayPal, a check, or gift cards.

If you're parents are doing most of the shopping, you can still help them get good money back with Ibotta. Maybe they'll let you keep all the cash back you earn.

Fetch Rewards 18+

Fetch Rewards is a receipt scanning app that gets you points which you can later redeem for a Visa Prepaid Card, gift cards, free magazines, or donate to charity.

It's super easy to use where all you do is upload any and practically all receipts you get.

The age requirement to use Fetch Rewards is 18. So, if you're not 18 yet, tell your parents about this app and you can help them scan receipts into the app to earn some money.

8. Earn Money Shopping Online

Does your parents allow you to shop online? If so, that's awesome!

Did you know that you could get a portion of the money spent online back into your hands?

There are some cash back sites and apps to use before you do any online shopping which gets you money back.

Either yourself or your parents will be happy about that I'm sure!

Rakuten 18+

Rakuten- How to make money online as a teenager-My Financial Hill

Rakuten is just an awesome cash back site when it comes to online shopping.

You have to be 18 or older to use Rakuten so if you're not old enough, explore the site together with your parents.

Rakuten partners up with tons of companies, here are some:

  • Forever 21
  • Ulta
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Nike
  • Macy's
  • Aeropostale
  • and so much more

When you shop at any one of their partnered companies through Rakuten, you'll get cash back!

Just today, I saw that Forever 21 had a 10% cash back offer. So, if you spend $100, you'll get $10 cash back. That $10 can go towards your next shopping trip.

Don't dismiss this cash back site because it's literally free money you could be throwing down the drain.

Ibotta 18+

I've mentioned that Ibotta is a great cash back site for scanning receipts. They also give you money back when you shop online as well!

Before any online shopping trip, check Ibotta also to see if there's any cash offers for the store you plan to shop at.

9. Sell Things Online

Hat clothes shoes bag sunglasses phone - How to make money online as a teenager -My Financial Hill

Do you have clothes, shoes, purses, electronics, games, and other stuff just laying around?

All the stuff you're not using can actually make you some good money and turn selling into one of your online jobs. It'll be a great way for you to make money as a teenager online.

The awesome part is, you can sell your things all online without having to meet anyone.

There are a lot of apps and sites that allow you to do this but most of them require you to be over 18 years old.

So, if you're younger than 18 get your parents to help you create accounts and start selling for cash.

Ebay 18+

Ebay is one of the most popular sites out there when it comes to selling stuff.

It's simple to use and sell things you don't need anymore.

Create an account, take good pictures of your item, provide a good true detailed description, and set your price. Once the item is sold, all you have to do is prepare the shipping.

If you're not sure how much to list your item, check Ebay for similar items and see how much they've listed it for and what the description says. You can get a good idea by seeing how other people sell their goods.

With Ebay, you can sell pretty much anything under the sun like books, toys, games, clothes, etc. The things you sell doesn't have to be brand new. All you need to do is fully disclose the condition of the goods.

Decluttr 18+

Decluttr - How to make money online as a teenager -  My Financial Hill

Decluttr is a good site to sell tech stuff like CDs, DVDs, games, game consoles, cell phones, tablets, laptops, and more.

You also get really fast payment on the very next day.

So if you have old game systems, games, iPod's, phones, laptops, and other stuff laying around, just get rid of it with Decluttr and make some money.

Letgo 18+

Letgo is an app where you can sell stuff around the house.

You can sell anything from electronics, sports equipment, furniture, appliances, clothes, shoes, and more.

You can get together with your family and decide what things you can let go of and be making money at the same time.

Poshmark 18+

Poshmark is a site where you can sell clothes, shoes, bags, home goods, and more.

There are people out there that love certain brands but just don't want to pay the premium cost.

So, if you have some great brand named items, sell it on Poshmark and earn cash.

Mercari 18+

You can sell all sorts of things on Mercari. From home decor, laptops, phones, games, game consoles, cameras, clothes, shoes, bags, and so much more.

You can make some good money just by selling things you don't need anymore.

10. Earn Money Online with a YouTube Channel 13+

Girl demonstrating makeup infront of camera - How to make money online as a teenager with youtube -My Financial Hill

Becoming a YouTuber can be an awesome way for you to make money as a teenager online.

There are so many directions you can go with making YouTube videos. People turn to YouTube so much now-a-days to learn or get entertained.

People can get famous on YouTube for streaming yourself to play video games, doing beauty tutorials, reviewing toys, showing crafts, and so much more.

Being a YouTuber can actually be one of the most fun online jobs for teens. You could even treat it as a part time job and grow your channel when you have time after school or on the weekends.

Here are some examples of young YouTubers who earn awesome money:

  • Like NastyaEarnings of $18.5 million - 6 year old who shows her and father playing with legos, doing chores, and explaining viruses
  • Ryan Kaji - Earnings of $29.5 million - 9 year old who shoes videos of DIY science experiments, family storytime, and reviews of new toys
  • EvanTubeHD - Earnings $1.3 million - 13 year old who records gaming videos like Minecraft, reviews toys and gadgets.


How much money can you make as a teenager online?

Realistically, with everything mentioned above, you probably would be able to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The important thing is to be consistent with whatever you choose to make money from.

The most money you can make is by starting your own blog, YouTube, or Fiverr.

How can a 14 year old make money online?

We've covered many ways to earn some side money as a teen but some methods have a age requirement of at least 18+. 

If you want to make some quick money as a 14 year old, choose from any of the options below to start earning your own money.

How can I make money fast as a teenager?

The fastest way to start making money as a teenager online would be to start playing games on your phone or to take surveys. Plus a lot of the survey sites out there are also offering you sign up bonuses which you can start collecting. 

  • Play games on Swagbucks ( some games pay $100 )

How can a teenager make $1000?

Making your first $1000 can be easy as long as you stay persistent. 

Here are some quick tips to get you to your first $1000:

How to make money as a teenager online chart


We've gone over numerous ways for how you can make money as a teenager online .

While you earn money, it's also important to know the importance of thinking about the future.

If you make some cash, instead of spending all of it, put some money away in a savings bank account that you can't touch.

Spending your own money is fun but being able to save money at the same time is just as important for the long run.

It's going to be awesome to make some cash in the moment to get things you really want but at the same time, start saving for your future expenses like a car, school, and other grown up responsibilities.

The sooner you start practicing this mindset, the better off you'll be when you're officially an adult.

Hope this post can help you earn some money and also inspire you to know that just cause you're a teen it doesn't mean you can't make money and be responsible at the same time.

If you're interested in learning more about making money, check out my other articles:

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