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Watch Ads for Money: 17 Legit Ways

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Being that we're in the digital age now, there's so many ways to make money online or with our phones, it's amazing. One of the ways to make some cash is to watch ads for money. 

Who knew one could actually make money watching ads?

Being able to get paid to watch ads sounds a bit too easy doesn't it?

I was also a bit skeptical at first but after actually seeing first hand results, it's legit!

If you've got a little bit of spare time you can definitely make money online or on your phone by watching ads and videos.

Watching ads for a bit of cash is super easy to do but as long as you keep your expectations within reason, this can be a good way to earn extra cash each month.

At this point you may be wondering how to even go about watching ads for money and how much can you earn?

There's about 17 super easy ways to watch ads and short videos for money so let's go ahead and find out how it all works and how to get started.

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How it works

Watching ads for money infograph My Financial Hill

There are numerous amount of apps and sites out there that will pay you to watch online content and videos. You can join certain sites where you get to watch ads or a video and earn points or cash for doing so.

There are also ways where you can have ads displayed on your phone's lock screen and get paid for that too.

On your spare time, you could make money watching ads while you're waiting on line when shopping, doing the laundry, or waiting to pick up your kid's from school.

To actually get paid for watching ads for money, you'll have to sign up to one or many websites as you'd like to start.

The process is really simple.

Basically, a lot of the sites that offer you points or cash to watch ads will have a particular section to navigate to. From there you'll be able to pick and choose which ads or videos you'd like to watch.

The great part about these sites is that besides getting paid to watch ads, you'll get plenty of other choices to earn points or money like playing games, taking surveys and quizzes, trying apps, and so much more.

So if you're into watching videos to pass time or need something to keep you preoccupied, why not actually get paid for watching ads and videos, amongst other things if you'd like.

You'll discover 17 of the most easiest ways where you can watch ads for money.

How much money can you make watching ads?

How much money you may earn watching video ads is dependent on the time you put into it. When signing up to certain sites, you'll get sign up bonuses which can easily add up to nearly $45 on your first month. Then, you can expect to earn any where from $5 to $25 on a monthly basis or even more.

It may not be much but some of the sites that offer ads for money have other options to make extra money too. On some sites you can play games, take surveys and quizzes, and all sorts of other stuff. You can actually make hundreds more if you decide to work on the other activities provided by the sites.

Let's get into all the ways you can earn some money watching ads.

17 Top-Rated apps for getting paid to watch ads


Swagbucks Watch Ads for Money My Financial Hill

Swagbucks is an online rewards website where you can watch short video ads and receive points in return. The points called Swagbucks is converted into money where you can cash it out via PayPal, check, or gift cards.

You can watch a variety of different ads from lifestyle, sports, entertainment, news, and more. Besides watching ads, there's other ways to earn points. You can also play games, take surveys, scan your receipt, shop online, try different apps, and so much more.

Swagbucks could be considered one of the most popular survey sites next to Survey Junkie but they offer so many ways to earn money besides only watching videos.

I've earned over $200 using Swagbucks and it's one of my favorite ways to make a bit of extra money on the side. It's actually one of my favorite ways to make money online when I have a bit a free time on my hands.

Swagbucks offers $10 as a sign up bonus, which is awesome.

Sign Up Bonus: $10 welcome bonus

Payment Method: Get your free money sent to your PayPal, form of a check, or with gift cards.

Minimum Payout Threshold: 2,500 points or equivalent which is $25.


InboxDollars Watch Ads for Money My Financial Hill

InboxDollars is another rewards website where you can get paid money for watching ads or a short video. One thing that sets InboxDollars apart from other rewards sites is that it shows you exactly how much you'll earn for completing an activity instead of showing it to you in points.

The amount you will make watching ads with InboxDollars isn't much but they also offer other ways to earn like taking surveys, playing games, scanning receipts, and more.

Once you earn at least $30, you'll be able to cash it out via PayPal, ePayment, or a check in the mail. It can take around 10 to 16 business days for the checks to arrive.

On the plus side, InboxDollars offers $5 just for joining.

Sign Up Bonus: $5 Sign up bonus

Payment Method: Cash via PayPal, gift cards, or check

Minimum Payment Threshold: $30


MyPoints Watch Ads for Money My Financial Hill

MyPoints is similar to Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars where you can earn money while watching ads. You can watch an entertaining video like gossip from Hollywood or watch a Golden Globes coverage.

There are other ways to earn with MyPoints besides watching videos as well. You can play games, fill out surveys, try coupons, and more.

Sign Up Bonus: $10 welcome bonus

Payment Method: PayPal cash, Visa prepaid card, gift cards, or travel miles.

Minimum Payment Threshold: Once you earn $3, you can redeem the earnings for free PayPal cash or a Visa prepaid card, choose from 70+ gift cards, or travel miles. 


PrizeRebel Watch Ads for Money My Financial Hill

PrizeRebel is a website where you can get paid money fast, usually within 24 hours.

You can get paid to watch videos, make internet searches, take surveys, or refer others.

If you stay active with this site, you can work your way up towards their loyalty system which gets you even more points on the same tasks the higher up you go.

Payment Method: Cash or gift cards

Minimum Payment Threshold: $5


Ibotta Watch Ads for Money My Financial Hill

Ibotta is a popular money back app when you're shopping for groceries and other items. Some offers you may claim come with a short ad you'll have to watch. If you watch an ad for that offer, you may earn up to $1 or more depending what the offer consists of.

It's a super easy way to earn some money back on your purchases. Ibotta is offering a $20 welcome bonus when you sign up and redeem qualifying offers within 30 days.

Sign Up Bonus: $20 with code YDIGCFJ

Payment Methods: You can get your earnings straight into your PayPal, Venmo, or gift cards.

Minimum Payout threshold: Once you reach $20 in earnings, redeem it and get free PayPal money


AdWallet Watch Ads for Money My Financial Hill

AdWallet allows you to get paid money to watch ads and short videos which are handpicked for you.

You can anywhere from $0.50 and up to $3.00 per video. Also, each friend you refer will get you an additional $1.

When you reach $10, you can cash it out.

AdWallet has paid its users over $1,104,565 and counting so far.

Payment Method: Transfer to bank account, get a eGift card, or donate it.

Minimum Payout Threshold: You'll have to reach $10

Vindale Research

Vindale Research Watch Ads for Money My Financial Hill

With Vindale Research, it's easy to earn rewards. You can watch ads for money, read emails, take surveys, look for reward codes, and more.

Once you sign up to Vindale, visit the "videos" tab on the surveys page to start earning money.

If you decide to take some surveys, you can earn as much as $50 for each one.

Payment Method: Cash via PayPal

Minimum Payment Threshold: $50


Slidejoy is app for Android phone where you allow it to show an ad on your phones' lock screen in exchange for cash rewards.

Once you have it running, you'll see a news story or promotion on your phone's lock screen. You'll get the option to learn more about the ad, view another ad, or return to your home screen.

The good part about Slidejoy is that you don't necessarily have to engage with the ad. It will automatically register each time you unlock your phone to see the ad.

Basically, you won't get paid to watch ads, instead just leave it running on your phone's lock screen to get paid passively.

The company says you can get paid as much as $15 a month just by unlocking your phone as usual.

Payment Method: Cash via PayPal, or donate to charity

Minimum Payment Threshold: At least $1


ScreenLift is another app that pays you to display an ad on your lock screen. You don't need to interact with the ad to get paid.

You can except to make around $20 a month with ScreenLift. The money can definitely come in handy when you're trying to get a free cup of coffee or lunch for the month for literally doing nothing.

Payment Method: Cash via PayPal, gift cards for Google Play, Amazon, or Wal-Mart.

Minimum Payout Threshold: 1,500 points which is $1


iRazoo is rewards website where you can earn points for doing simple things like watch ads for money.

You'll also get to share your opinion on ads, movie and app trailers, cooking tutorials, and more. There's more than 50 channels of content and the inventory changes daily.

Just like other reward sites, you can earn points for doing additional tasks like read emails, entering promo codes, and completing other offers.

Payment Method: Cash via PayPal and gift cards

Minimum Payout Threshold: At least 3000 points which can get you a $5 gift card or $20 minimum to be able to cash out to PayPal.

Nielsen TV Ratings

Nielsen is a company that's considered one of the largest consumer research firms in America. They have a program called Nielsen Families where they pay households monthly to allow the company to track their TV viewing, also to fill out surveys about the TV habits.

Nielsen will send out this information (confidential) to networks so that they can determine which shows to pull or continue to show.

Also, keep in mind that if you wanted to participate with Nielsen Families, it's only done by invite-only. There really is no way to sign up for it but just to be on the lookout for an invitation in the mail. Nielsen sends about 1 million invites per year so chances to qualify for participation isn't as slim after all.


With SuccessBux, you can get paid to watch ads.

Besides ads, you can get paid to signup for websites, listen to the radio, complete certain tasks on their offerwall, complete surveys, enter contests, refer other users, and so much more.

Payment Method: Paypal or Payza

Minimum Payout Threshold: $1


With QuickRewards you can watch ads for money and it's not the only way to earn either. You can play games or take surveys as well.

On the plus side, they payouts are completed within 72 hours and you can earn money via PayPal with a minimum of $0.01 or $5 with gift cards.

This free royalty program is available for the residents of the US, UK, and Canada.

Payment Method: PayPal or Giftcards

Minimum Payout Threshold: $1 


You'll earn your rewards with InstaGC when you watch ads, participate in surveys, search the web, or shop online.

InstaGC allows you to earn gift cards which among them are Visa prepaid cards and Paypal cards. The minimum to withdraw your funds is $1.

You'll get an option to choose from 330 gift cards, which is awesome!

Payment Method: Cash via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Mastercard, and more.

Minimum Payout Threshold: At least $1


FusionCash is another website where you can get paid to watch ads. There's also other tasks which you can earn from like playing games, completing surveys, trying out apps, or signing up for offers.

FusionCash is offering a $5 welcome bonus only for new members. The minimum payout you'll need is $25 where you can receive it via PayPal, check or by direct deposit.

Payment Method: Cash via PayPal, direct deposit, and check.

Minimum Payout Threshold: $25


Earnably is another website where you can watch ads for money. You'll most likely watch videos from VideoFox and

Besides watching videos, you also get the option to take surveys to increase your earnings.

The minimum payout is $1 where you'll get paid by PayPal, gift cards, or wallet codes.

Payment Method: Paypal and Gift Cards

Minimum Payout Threshold: $1


With CreationRewards you can get paid to watch ads for money, taking surveys, search the web, shopping online, or trying different offer.

When you first sign up, you'll receive $5 however you have to earn 1,000 points. You'll be able to redeem your money via PayPal or with gift cards.

Sign Up Bonus: $5 Sign Up Bonus

Payment Method: Gift cards (from Amazon, Walmart, and more), prepaid debit card, or cash via PayPal

Minimum Payout Threshold: $5 or 1,000 points

Watching Ads for Money Chart



sign up

Watch ads, play games, complete tasks and more

Watch ads, play games, complete tasks, and more

Watch ads, play games, complete tasks, and more

Cash back when you watch certain ads

Watch Ads and short videos

Watch Ads, read emails, take surveys, and more

Ads on your phone lock screen

Ads on phone lock screen

Watch ads, read emails, complete offers, and more

TV habit monitoring

Watch ads, listen to radio, take surveys, and more

Watch ads, play games, complete tasks, and more

Watch ads, take surveys, shop online, and more

Watch ads, play games, quizzes, and more

Watch ads and videos

Watch ads, take surveys, shop online, and more


Overall, there are plenty of sites or apps out there where you get paid to watch video ads. So if you have a bit of spare time on your hands, you can definitely use the time to make money online or from your phone.

It may actually be one of the easiest ways to make money on the side.

The only drawback is, you may not be swimming in hundreds or thousands from watching ads and videos alone.

However, many of these sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, MyPoints, and others have multiple options to earn additional money or points. If you don't mind playing games on your phone, completing tasks, trying apps, browsing the web, or taking surveys, you'll get options to earn more money that way.

I personally have earned over $200 with Swagbucks alone, which is awesome! Who can complain with an extra couple of hundred?

So bottom line is, keep a realistic expectation when trying to get paid to watch ads or videos. You will make better use of your time by completing the other tasks for money when using these sites.

Also, keep in mind that watching these ads and videos is a good way to pass time and earn a bit of money. You can also earn some side cash that can definitely come in handy later down the line but definitely don't expect to quit your day job for this!

Overall, I hope you discovered so many ways to watch ads for money which can ultimately help earn you some cash in times of boredom, good luck! 

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